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Brain Beading

The rheumatologist woke me up with a phone call this morning: The CT showed beading like the 3/10 cerebral angiogram did. So I stay on the high-dose Prednisone and when I see her next Wednesday, we almost certainly add an additional immunosuppressant. She didn't say anything about a brain biopsy. On that link, those are the blood tests I had last Thursday (and I still have one giant bruise) and they were all within normal limits.

So I went to drop off the shoes and couldn't find the company and then went on to groceries. Even easier to walk through this time, and I took a small box with me to put 15 cans of cat food in because it's easier to get them in & out of the car and the house with a box.

When I got home, I found a Fedex tag on the door -- they'd come during the hour-and-a-quarter that I was out and I was pretty sure it was the return on the DVD/VCR. I was sure when I pulled what came through the credit union and the LG payment came in. I'll just stay home tomorrow until they come.

After I booted the computer up, I went to the shoe donation site and found out that I'd conglomerated the two local drop-offs: The name of one and the location of the other. I went by the location today, but didn't recognize the name. I'll take the shoes by the next time I go that direction.
Tags: brain, dvd/vcr, groceries, health, shoes
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