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Been Dyed

My labs came in today and they were all good enough to have the scan with the dye. I left 40 minutes early, got there 40 minutes early, and they took me right away. One of the nurses asked me to the side how much I weighed and I told her it was 302 last week. She looked sceptical and asked me to step on their electronic scale: 302.0. Hah. They properly put the tube into my right anicubital which pulled blood and flushed right away. The cap did come off while we were working on getting the tape off (I have a lot of stria there and tape settles down and is hard to get off) so she just pulled it and I slammed gauze on and she put on two people wraps.

Since I was done so soon, I went ahead and came home on I-66, stopping at Carrabas a few minutes before they opened at 4pm and had calimari and a salad. Home at 5pm, where I almost ran into a kid who ran out from between two SUVs in our parking lot, and I noticed the car with kites is here again, but I don't see the people.

I'm washing cat blankies and planning for my ENT appointment tomorrow which is at 2:30pm and further in toward DC than Merrifield, where I was today. I'll probably have to make the same kind of decision about coming right home or using a list of restaurants and movie theaters to come home when it's not so busy.
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