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The Harvey Girls

I got my Netflix account in 2003 and am up to near where I put DVDs from the end of 2004, so when I got the Netflix email notice that The Harvey Girls would be here yesterday, I was really surprised. I have The Harvey Girls on video tape and can almost do it by myself. (I have a lot of musicals on tape.) But I was working on some beading last night that required a lot of attention, so I decided to watch it before I sent it back.

This is a time in our history when there's finally a railroad across the country and the wild, wild west becomes a bit more mild because of the Harvey Houses. They were placed at train stops where people could eat quickly and get back on the train before it left. They needed waitresses and had high standards. In our story, Susan Bradley (Judy Garland) takes the train out to get married to a guy she's never met and gets hoodwinked. She goes and works for the Harvey House there, taking actions when needed. The other two well-known actors were Angela Lansbury as Em, the leader of the whorehouse, and Ray Bolger as Chris Maule (also in Oz).

The rough town with a bar and whorehouse gradually changes because of the Harvey Girls. This happened in many western towns in real life, although I doubt the singing and dancing was as good. There's a good bit of mild romance, common to that time of musicals, and the new dance "all the way from Kansas City" was a lot more reasonable than the new dances in the Drake I reviewed yesterday. o/~ Round and round and round and...o/~
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