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Marilee J. Layman

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Ow, ow, ow and Deam

Friday it was 74 degrees, Saturday 54, and today 33. I can barely move today. If I was sure I wouldn't fall, I'd take a really hot shower.

Last night I watched the new Librarian movie -- the anti-Indiana Jones -- and it was good. TNT is repeating it during the week. Tonight, there's a two hour "The Closer" just for the holiday season and I'm looking forward to that.

My dream last night had me buying a new house, but I found that a big cube of concrete had been left out of the slab and a sump pump was in the hole. They had just laid carpet over it, so I found it by tripping and falling. When I went outside to complain to the builder, the guy who lived next door fired nails at me from a nail gun.
Tags: dreams, health

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