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I've been juggling appointments all day. I got a call before I woke up from ENT (my throat hurts when I talk about an hour and I feel like I'm "pushing") and took a referral for 2pm on Monday. Headed off to see the rheumatologist and she said I need an MRA (MRI with dye) and verified that the nephrologist would let me have the dye. This should tell us if I can decrease the massive dose of prednisone I'm taking (I'm still Cushingoid from taking this much prednisone when my lungs were first damaged). She wants it done soon (and I'm really not capable of doing it at 8:45am tomorrow) so I'm having it Monday at 3pm and I called ENT and now see them at 2:30pm on Tuesday.

I got labs done to make sure the MRA will be safe and this is the second time I've had labs at that center and also the second time that my forearm is literally purple. The same (only?) phlebotomist both times refused to even try my perfectly good anicubital and stuck me three times to get enough blood from veins that I told her wouldn't work. Next time the rheumatologist wants labs, I'm going to try to convince her to let me drive to my home center where all the phlebotomists can get blood immediately leaving no bruises.

I was late enough coming home that I hit a lot of traffic and spent an hour going 4.4 miles south from I-66. When I got home, I did some gluing for beading on the porch (glue that has to be used outside or with industrial venting) and a little squirrel came up to me chattering that I put seed in the feeder. I'd planned to do that after I beaded, and apparently the little guy wasn't willing to wait. Once I stood up, put the beading in the storeroom to dry safely, and filled the feeder, it ran away and hasn't come back.
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