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Yes, it's spring in NoVA! Lots of flowers were budding and blooming which made it beautiful out even with the rain.

I took the trash to our dumpster and recycling to the city's transfer station. Then I put gas in the van and went to get copies of the house and mailbox keys. I was already planning on some new 1" split rings because I don't have enough, but he had purple rings in the right size and I got all he had. I also discussed prices of push-button door locks. I dropped a DVD at the post office and came home. I rearranged the keys so I'm back to an equivalent of my regular keys (except the split rings are purple) and the same two cat-care back-up keys. I now also have a copy of the regular keys, too.

I turned on the computer and read email and got an offer from a shoe company for 25% off, and since I'd started collecting the AP1 pages from shoe magazines to compare prices, I went ahead and ordered. These are the only shoes I can wear because I have long narrow feet and have to wear shoes that lace and have flat soles, and my current ones are starting to erode on the sole. I hope these come with the right length of lace, though. It says to forward the message to a friend, so if you need new shoes you can buy online, let me know your edress. They promise not to send stuff in the email unless you tell them to.

And in the mail, a coupon for $3 off at the place I plan to get my hair cut on Friday. Another good day!
Tags: errands, shoes

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