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Marilee J. Layman

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I headed out for the first set of errands: taking my property tax exemption application (too late because I got home late and couldn't drive, but the deputy commissioner of revenue knows that) and got it notarized by the receptionist and then delivered it down the hall to revenue, the ATM, the post office, the UPS store for a box the right size to ship the DVD/VCR plus styrofoam peanuts, and groceries at the Giant. I had to sit down once at the Giant, but it was because I needed to retie my shoes. Kip showed me how to tie them twice, like kids, but they still loosen up after a while.

I'm washing cat blankies here and after online, I'll pack the DVD/VCR so I can drop it off at a Fedex shop on the way to the neurologist tomorrow.

Shiva has been dashing around the house like a crazy kitty, including chasing Spirit.
Tags: cats, errands, laundry, packing

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