Marilee J. Layman (mjlayman) wrote,
Marilee J. Layman

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Rather watery in all, since I have the birdfeeder in the dishwasher. It's made of milk jugs and I can run it in there to be completely clean. The seed in the feeder was fine, but the feeder itself was starting to get fungus, so the seed is on the porch and Shiva is avidly watching the mourning doves from the castle. The males are courting the females, which involves pecking their necks.

lizzibabe dropped by yesterday evening to use a "cup of internet" now that she lives at the other end of the county but still works here. She ended up with some extra time so we talked while she knitted and I beaded.

Then at 11pm I toasted Mike Ford with cranberry juice and had a few dark-chocolate-covered ginger chunks. I sure miss him.
Tags: mike ford, visitor, water

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