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I took lizzibabe out to dinner last night to thank her for all the help she's given me (and because we like talking). I have two more groups to take out: my friends Steve (who set up the forum and drove my stuff to the hospital) and Carol, and my neighbors Laura, Donna, and Coe who took care of the kitties.

It's warm enough today for the windows to be open, which makes Shiva very happy. I've been doing some more straightening in the workroom but I think I'm done for the day because I hurt enough to take Tylenol #3.

I awarded myself the Time-Life Flower Power CD set for coming home (and it was about $20 cheaper than it was when I first wishlisted it) and I've been listening to that. Most of the songs are by the original artist, but there are a few covers. The most unusual so far is "Bridge Over Troubled Water" sung by Aretha Franklin in soul mode. I'm really enjoying the songs, though.
Tags: food, music, weather

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