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"Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking"

This was first mentioned on Making Light and the idea of making bread sounded good so I put my name on the Hold queueueueue at the library. I got a copy on Friday and my friend the librarian (leader of our SF bookgroup) brought it on the way home from work Sunday and I skimmed it yesterday.

Their theory is that you make very wet refrigerated dough (like Pillsbury?) and it will last for two weeks. You just pull off a bit, shape it, and bake it every morning. However, they don't count the cooking time. There's a lot more complicated breads, but my primary problem is that it requires a lot of equipment plus using a full-size oven. I don't use the oven because it's too dangerous for me to lean over the door of something that hot.

I think you would have to really be into making your own bread to want to use these recipes.
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