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Keys and Errands

I called the shop today to see if they knew when the car keys would come and they called and found out that the vendor took the order but didn't tell them that they don't make keys for cars older than 1999. So I called a local locksmith who will come tomorrow and charge me $300. Still cheaper than a new car, and they may do a second set for cheap enough that I'd get one.

The advantage of getting new keys tomorrow even though I can't drive until next Monday is that the PT is coming tomorrow and Friday for the last times and I'd like an opinion from him on how well I'm getting into the van. Plus, I can start the van in the first time in a bit more than a month and move back and forth a bit so the tires won't collapse.

janetmk came out and we took the recycling to my bins, dropped by the credit union so I could get money (popped my head in to see if I could introduce her in person to lizzibabe but she was seeing a member), dropped a book off at the library, took her to lunch at Red Robin, and then we went to the grocery store. I only had to sit down twice, so I think I'll be fine next week. The grocery didn't have a DVD lens cleaner, but when we got back to the condo, the one I ordered from Amazon was on the stoop. I tried it several times and the DVD still said "unknown disc" so I called LG back and when their computer comes back up, they'll call me and set up sending shipping labels to send it back for repair.
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