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Taxes Done

Fed & State took an hour to do total and then another half-hour to copy, print checks, and put together. I left a message for the city's deputy commissioner of revenue to tell her I was done; she's going to come over and fill out the property tax exemption forms since I can't drive until the 13th and they were due the 31st. Usually I deliver mine to City Hall, but not this year. I actually owe money this year: $99 to the feds and $23 to the state.

Last night I put the LG DVD/VCR back in, reset it, and called LG Service three times, getting cut off the first two times while the person on the other end looked up the problem. Turns out "unknown disc" means the lens needs cleaning. You'd think they'd put that in the manual; there's certainly room. So I ordered a lens cleaning disc from Amazon and I'll look for one at the Giant when Janet takes me on Tuesday.

Amazon delivered the Pet Hair Eraser yesterday. James Nicoll recommended this and I had it on my wish list. When I got home, it was clear that the cats had spent most of their time on my chenille recliner. I think there was a solid layer of cat hair all over it, so I decided to go ahead and buy this. It's a bit heavy for me -- four pounds -- but it works great! I got almost all the hair off in just a few minutes. I'm going to do the castle today. I furminated Shiva yesterday and have lots more hair in the trash, too.
Tags: cat vacuum, dvd/vcr, taxes

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