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The physical therapist called and said he was coming when I was still in bed, so now I'm waiting for him to get to a point to get here. I redid my Emergency Info sheet today with the new meds and printed them out. I got them put everywhere but in the van's visor. The credit union's page says they're not up because of a power outage, so I'm waiting to pay some bills (I have plenty of time, I just like scheduling them when the bill comes). I wondered why the flowers my upstairs neighbor gave me hadn't died yet and looked close to find they were fake! Very pretty fake.

I plan to put the LG DVD/VCR back in and call LG because it's much much better designed than the new Philips DVD/VCR. I expect I'll have to ship it to them to have it fixed. But when it comes back, I'll have two and when Comcast goes all digital, they'll give me one digital tuner that I'll use for the TV. Yes, there are times I tape two shows and watch a third.
Tags: dvd/vcr, flowers, meds, pt

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