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Differently Busy Than Planned

I had a nephrologist appointment at 3pm, so I was in the van at 2pm turning the key and hearing "click, click, click." Nothing changed or abated that so I called the nephrology manager and told her I wasn't coming and would make an appointment next week (I don't carry my book around). Then I called USAA (my insurance company) Roadside Assistance, which is free, and set up for a tow truck to come. Then I called Olde Towne Auto Repair to tell them the van would be coming.

While I was in the van doing all this calling, I could see what was going on in front of me, but not hear it. We have a very loud filthy family renting across the way and a woman drove in, delivered a guy who went up to their door and started back down with a little girl and what looked like a bag of rice. About three steps down the stairs, he went back up and inside. As I finished calling and got out of the van, he dashed down the steps alone and yelled "Fuck you!" and a woman replied from inside the condo "Fuck you, too!" and then as he got into the waiting car, he shouted "Fuck everybody!" Well, when I first heard him yell, I turned that direction and then when I realized what was happening, turned back. A few seconds later, the woman in the car rolled down her window and screamed at me "Yeah, you like listening to everybody's conversations?" and accelerated away. Which was good because I was still trying to figure out what she meant. After all, they were screaming, it would be hard to miss what they were saying. And it wasn't quite a conversation.

I came back in and changed to home clothes and started the laundry. I got the callback from USAA with the rough time of tow truck arrival and the name of the company. I thought it must be African because it sounded like Ngkia. When the tow truck arrived, it turned out to be Aquia, a small community here, which is pronounced like AK qwee ah. He took the keys and loaded up the van and about two hours later the shop called to tell me they'd send it over to get me. Turned out I needed a new battery (got the test printout on the old and new one), so there's more money out.

I put in my Hugo Nominations, not quite at the last minute, and then ran across this great picture of Pterry with kids dressed like Discworld characters. He was there to open their school library.
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