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Busy, Busy

I checked the mail on the way out and found my check was there, so I took it with me to the credit union and deposited it along with the change from my bowl. $31 and some this time, so I must have had more quarters in it than usual. On the way home, I decided I really wanted to eat at Noodles and Company, so I had the Japanese Pan-Seared Noodles and, um, a giant wedge of rice krispies treat because I hadn't had that in decades. Both were very good.

Then I came home to pay bills and write the descriptions for the BFAC auctions on Sunday (yes, the start of having to get up on time on Sundays!) and realized I hadn't put the rule pages up. In fact, I had to create two new ones and now they're all waiting to be reviewed by the board before they go live. I may have figured out what I'm going to do with my BFAC kit for next year.

My copies of Jo Walton's Lifelode and Sybils and Spaceships arrived from NESFA Press today -- they do really good work -- and I'm looking forward to reading them in April, probably.

Today's XKCD is very stfnal.

Spirit and Shiva were sleeping so cutely over on the chair, but as soon as I opened the drawer for the camera, they moved. Oh well.
Tags: bfac, books, cats, comics, food, money

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