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Bad DVD Player

After I plugged it back in and reset everything, including datetime, it still wouldn't take any DVDs other than the one that came with it. It used to take Netflix and other DVDs so this is a change. I was thinking I'd need another DVD/VCR with digital tuner for when Comcast* goes completely digital (not too long after the broadcasters do) so maybe I should see what I can find and then I'll have that when I ship this one off to be fixed.

Lucila came to clean today but I didn't sleep much. I'm not reading much at night because I'm having trouble staying awake that long. I'm down to one phenobarb pill a night as of last night, so maybe it'll be better. Two CNS depressants at a time makes for a lot of sleep.

After she left, I went through the condo putting things back in place and she'd left a long rectangular backscrubber on the towel rack. I usually leave it to dry on the showerhead post because the cats can't get it there. I picked it up, held onto the grab bar, and stepped inside. When I looked up to put it away, I saw that the ceiling next to the wall, plus a bit of the wall, has puckered paint. This is where I had a leaking pipe just a few years ago. I would expect fixes to last longer, so I'll have to call them. And then I don't know when I'll find someone to put a tiny bit of drywall back up!

*Sorry, akirlu, only possibility here.
Tags: cleaning, equipment, leak, sleep

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