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Alphabet Juice... by Roy Blount Jr.

...The Energies, Gists, and Spirits of Letters, Words, and Combinations Thereof: Their Roots, Bones, Innards, Piths, Pips, and Secret Parts, Tinctures, Tonics, and Essences; With Examples of Their Usage Foul and Savory.

Blount's reputation as a humorist definitely shows in this book, but in many cases, it's just fascinating things about words. It's ordered alphabetically and he picks words and phrases he wants to talk about. I read this a few pages a night before my main book because it was more fresh that way. He pops in some of his sonnets, limericks and doggerel; quotes himself and other authors as examples; and gives long stories of how some words came to be. I highly recommend this, and if you plan to get it at the library, make sure it's available first. I was on the hold queueueue for about 10 days before one freed up.
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