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Coraline 3D

I haven't read Neil's book yet, although I have it, so I can only consider this as the movie. The story is about a little girl whose parents neglect her a bit and have just moved to the Pacific Northwest. She finds a secret way into another world where her "other mother" and "other father" are much nicer. But then she finds out more about them and has to try to save not only herself, but the souls of three other children the Belle Dame has enticed and also save her parents.

Like Andy Wheeler, I found myself pulled to the technique -- puppets, 3D, movement, graphics, etc. -- rather than the story. I think I'll put the 2D version on my Netflix list. I really enjoyed the movie, but my mind was off in engineer-land.

There were three groups in the theatre and all the adults were fine with the 3D, but the youngest kid had to be taken out by his mom.
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