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Not Quite Connecting

lizzibabe and I planned to go to Coraline 3D but she thought it was last Wednesday and I thought this Wednesday. Since I wasn't there, it became today. And then we talked about having tea/coffee afterwards and she said the Starbucks by the Giant and I said "Oh, yes, I know where that is!" except that she meant the one in Centreville and I meant the one in Wellington. She called me to figure this out just as I got to the door and found it was closed. Two other people came by that shopping center and found the Subway and Baskin Robbins closed. So we're going to have to be more specific about planning things from now on.

I slept about 2 hours in the bed last night and was awake at 10am so decided to run errands and come back and sleep before the movie. We'd had a dusting of snow and a lot of it was being rained away, but when my first step on the ramp crunched, I stopped and then calmed down. I carefully purposely crunched the next two steps. Got the trash and recycling out, got my labs done*, and had lunch at Olive Garden. Clearly, gimpy people like Olive Garden better than they do Red Lobster. They're sister restaurants and here they're separated by a dumpster area. All the OG handicapped spots were full and none of the RL were. I debated whether a spot near a general-use curb cut was closer than one of the RL's and decided it was. (And yes, we probably have to include age in gimpiness.) There was a beautiful black woman with a shaved head who had cheekbones like Velma and reminded me of her. By the time I left OG, the snow and rain were gone.

I came home and slept and got up in time to put shoes and a sweater on and headed out for the theatre. The Coraline review will come next. We had a good time and after missing each other for hot beverages, I came home. I'm skipping everything today but these three posts and the bead board and I'll catch up tomorrow.

*I now have four doctors ordering the same liver labs. I had to have extra tubes and Kaiser has to run the damn things four times (although it's interesting seeing the minor variations from the same stick). I understand that the only way the software notifies them is if they each order them, but this is really overboard. I have about half the liver labs back (all fine), none of the specialist labs, but I did get the Lipid Panel back and everything is where it should be.

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