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Not My Best Decision

I'd turned the light off at 6:30am so when I seemed still completely awake at 9am, I got up and showered (had to sit down briefly in the shower) and then went off to get groceries. As I approached the cashier, I realized that I really needed to sit down, and since there's no bank branch there anymore, there's no place to sit. So I held carefully onto the counter and when I got home, I brought in the groceries, put the milk in the fridge, and settled down to sleep in the recliner. I didn't sleep right away -- a couple of little birds were doing interesting things -- and I'd planned to sleep five hours and try to last until a regular bedtime. I added an hour on and got up at 6pm, but I'm barely functional here, so I'm going to have to nap again. I'll set the phone to just a couple of hours, though, and see what I can do to sleep when I turn the light out tonight. Fortunately, I don't need to go out tomorrow.
Tags: errands, sleep

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