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Marilee J. Layman

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I Didn't Sleep All Day!

I did sleep 9.5 hours, though. I did my skim of the Sunday paper and the making of tomorrow's grocery list and the washing of the sheets. What took me so long to get here was that one of the BFAC board members added something to a page with her program and it put paragraphs between every line. Argh. So I had to fix that and resize a table, for some reason. I may not know how to do as much stuff as her program does, but things look right when I'm done.

I knew Watchmen came in chapters, but I didn't realize until last night that I was going to have to read the chapters intact, not stop in the middle, and I have to read two a night to finish in time. So I need to give myself more reading time before I turn the light out.
Tags: bfac, books, household

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