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What We Believe But Cannot Prove edited by John Brockman

John Brockman runs a scientifically-oriented site called The Edge, which he planned as a networking place for scientists and similarly-minded folk. He asked this question on the website: What do you believe that you can't prove? and then made it into this book.

It's a series of short (average two pages) essays by scientifically-minded folk, and nowhere in the book does he say or indicate that he's grouped them into topics. When I read the first five or six and they were all about believing in god, I thought "What the heck did I buy?" Fortunately, other topics turn up: consciousness, language, physics, human behavior, etc.

I read a few essays each night before reading my real book and I think you'd have to read it that way. It would be very boring to read all at once. The book was published in 2006 and some of the things the folks believe (lots more men than women) have since been proved or disproved. You would want some basic science education to understand the essays.
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