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o/~Ain't No Sunlight When I Wake o/~

Yeah, another extra three hours sleep, although I was online for a long time yesterday. When I woke up, both blueball and bigball were on the bed, so apparently Spirit thought I should wake up and play. I still haven't found pinkball. One of my neighbors came by soon after I got up and wanted to talk about the problems with the condo org and management. I said I'd make an appointment with the manager. He thinks we should do away with management and handle stuff ourselves, but I don't think we could get 132 owners to agree enough.

I've had a skin break on the inside of my right middle finger, so I had trouble picking things up, pouring things using handles, using the lever on the recliner, etc., so I was pleased that it had healed a couple days ago. Last night, two parallel skin breaks emerged. Hmph.

I finished beading the last charity auction item, a ponytail holder, on Thursday and yesterday glued it to the finding, so Pretty in Pink is ready to go when I hear back from the winner (the pinks were her idea).
Tags: beads, cats, condo, health, sleep

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