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Coach Carter

This is two hours and 18 minutes long, and I was anticipating it would feel long, too, but it didn't. This is sort of To Sir With Love mixed with sports. A bad high school basketball team gets Samuel L. Jackson as a coach and he makes rules and signs contracts with the kids and their parents. Like Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier), he uses "Sir" a lot and punishes kids who don't follow the rules. He gets them to be a really good basketball team and then finds out they aren't fulfilling the academic part of their agreement.

He stops practice and going to games and is taken to court by the parents. The court decides in favor of the parents, but the now student-athletes decide they're on his side and don't practice or play until they get their grades up to the contract level. They go on to the state tourney and lose, but it's the first time they'd ever been there. This is apparently based on a true story, and some of the kids spent time in college playing basketball. I would have liked to know what happened when they dropped out.

It's a nice story with some violence, some reverse racism, and a lot of basketball.
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