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Marilee J. Layman

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05:41 pm: Brain? No Brain?
My dream last night had me working in a university and I had to keep correcting some high-up guy who made poor decisions. Suddenly, he had me strapped to a stretcher and they were going to operate on my brain. I escaped and a chase ensued. I think this comes from the head CT tomorrow and reading Joan Slonczewski's Brain Plague.

I almost didn't go to the Giant today because I only needed three things, but I needed one of them soon, so I went. A friend had her mother and husband die a day apart, with her husband dying on their anniversary. She knew this was going to happen, she'd moved them both home to take care of them, but it's still a big sorrow. I needed to buy her a card. Otherwise, I bought the essentials of life: bread and ice cream.

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