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Sleep, Sleep, More Sleep

Tuesday night I was awake for about three hours after I turned the light out so when I actually made it through everything yesterday, I figured I was okay. But last night, while I was reading an old WashPost, I started yawning non-stop. I decided I wanted to finish the book I was reading, if I was going to read only one thing, so I went to bed. I woke up just a bit before the alarm went off because all the little lumps down the outside of my left thigh hurt. Usually I sleep on both sides during the night, but last night, Shiva appropriated the other pillow and I was on my left side too much. So I turned the alarm off, rolled over, assisted him off the pillow, and slept for three more hours. I guess I caught up. I hope that means tonight is more normal.

I haven't cooked, done laundry, or even gotten the mail today. But I did talk on the phone to a friend who also has new meds, make an appointment for next Thursday with a new home vet for the kitties, and found a new primary doctor. My current primary doctor is moving to the center at the other end of the county (the letter came yesterday and this morning, I found about a third of it in pieces -- Spirit had fun during the night) and I've tried seeing a doctor down there and it's just too far. So I picked out another internal medicine doctor. Oh, and I worked on more BFAC webstuff. So I'm not completely non-productive.
Tags: household, sleep

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