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My Brain

I saw the neurologist today and she said I can line her tests up with whichever I want, but other than that, all we could really say is that nothing has happened yet and we won't know if the med worked until either I have another event or it's been a long time and I haven't had one. And if I have one and more and we get to the top dosage of the depakote, the next solution is Botox injections!

Kaiser Penderbrook is near the closest Circuit City so I went to see if, this late, they'd still have DVD/VCRs, and they do, but they're all out of the box, no manuals, no cords, and only 10% off which isn't enough value for me. I also looked for a USB 2.0 hub and they didn't have any. So I need to go ahead and order that.

I took I-66 out to the far end of Greater Manassas (the area that isn't Manassas, but likes to call itself that) to have dinner at Uno's because I had a coupon. I had lemon basil salmon, mostly-mashed-then-baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, and then a mini apple crumble. All very good. I stopped at the PetSmart on the way home to get more Turboscratcher refills. I thought I had one but I don't, and the one in there was getting pretty raggedy.

When I got home, before I took my coat off, I took one of the new refills and the Turboscratcher out on the porch (lots of cardboard dust when it's taken out) and put in the new refill and brought it back in. By the time I'd put the old refill in the cardboard recycling box, Spirit and Shiva were both working on the Scratchy Thingie from different sides.

I haven't seen pinkball in a couple of days and I've looked the reasonable places other than under the bed. Spirit "lost" the bigger ball yesterday, too, so I'll have a go at taking the drawer out and seeing if they're under there. I'm doing laundry and otherwise having a quiet night.
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