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Protesting Sleep

Well, I slept until 4pm yesterday, was up until 9pm and then napped until 1am. I read a bit of the paper while I waited for the time to take my BP and cleaned up around the house and then went to bed and turned off the light at 5:15am. I was still awake at 6:30am so I got up and read more email (I really hadn't planned on getting involved in the racism-in-writing bit, but Carlos Yu changed the topic to it in one of James' posts) and then read LJ. I went back to bed at 8:30am and was asleep off and on until 10:30am when the neuro nurse called and set up an appointment for Wednesday. After another 15 minutes, I decided it was time to get up.

I got money for the week, picked up Alphabet Juice by Roy Blount, Jr. from the library, mailed a couple of packages, including the helpvera necklace (Black 'n' Blue), and got groceries, including two boxes of kitty litter. That's enough litter for two months and my little rolling cart can hold two at a time, so I figure it makes sense to carry two around half as often as carrying one around.

I got home about 1pm and took my "morning" meds and put groceries away. I did email, paid some bills, and made the BFAC 2009 Gallery go live. This is what we're auctioning starting March and the next thing I need to do is to figure out what to auction which week to make sure we have variety every week and then update the Auctions page.

By then I was pretty sleepy again, so I slept from 3pm to right before 8pm, which was good because I would have been unhappy to miss The Big Bang Theory. I've been online and washing cat blankies since then (moving the cats twice, poor things) and plan to stay awake until my usual sleeptime.
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