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Out! Damned Ice!

I was dizzy enough during my shower today that I had to get out and rest a bit. We'll see what today's labs show.

The ramp and the sidewalk to the van were clear because they get sun from between the buildings, so I put the recycling in the back of the van and tried to walk on the icy snow holding on to the van. After three steps, both feet were sliding, so I carefully went back to the sidewalk. I came inside and got my long-handled dustpan and went back and smacked the top of it into the ice to break it and then used the dustpan part to shove it into the striped area. I carefully turned the van around into a spot across the parking lot to get the ice off the windshield, which was easy, and I got as much from the top as I could, but at least none fell off while I was driving. When I got home, I parked as close to the other side of the spot as possible and it's likely to have a clear track tomorrow.

I put the recycling in our bins and turned back in to get the mail, which had my check. I pulled into a parking spot to write up the deposit and sign the check, and then headed carefully to the credit union where I deposited it. Then to Kaiser where the chair I use was occupied by an elderly woman so I sat out in the waiting room until someone got blood from her. I came straight home because Peapod will be delivering food between 4:30pm and 9:30pm and I actually got home about 4:40pm. They would have left a note, though, and they're rarely here this early.
Tags: health, weather

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