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Bad Night, Sleeping Day

I was on the computer too long yesterday and only sat in the recliner for 30 minutes, so my legs and feet started cramping when I went to bed. I got up and took more flexeril and when that didn't help, I took the last quarter (so 10mg total) and hauled the clock and my phone out to the recliner. I set up with that duvet and pillow and slept well when the cats weren't insisting on getting under the covers. When I went out to the recliner, it hadn't started snowing yet, but when I woke up at 10am, there was about an inch. During the day the snow stopped and a fair amount of it sublimated, but there's supposed to be sleet and ice tonight with rain melting it all tomorrow. The high for tomorrow is predicted as 43F. The guys who shoveled the walks and such didn't shovel my curbcut or zebra walkway, and it was too late to call management by the time I woke up.

Lucila was here a bit later than 11am and it turned out that Manassas hadn't cancelled school until after the kids got there. Bad planning. So she sent Jesus off in the bus and then they called so she'd be ready to push his wheelchair when they brought him back. I slept while she cleaned and after I paid her and she left, I slept more. That's why I usually only take 2.5mg of flexeril. I'm sensitive to small amounts of meds and for normal days, that will keep my legs from cramping and I'll be awake in the morning. When I need to take more, I sleep more.

I just had the other wing, thigh, and drumstick from yesterday's rotisserie chicken (the rest of it's in the freezer in bits) and the cats were more anxious about getting some today than they were yesterday, but I didn't give them any. I'll probably have to take the bones out tomorrow with the recycling, assuming the snow/ice melts enough. I don't eat much that has smelly residue.
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