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Asimov's March 2009

Brian Bieniowski does a guest editorial on revisiting a book he read when young, in response to the columns Silverberg has been doing on the same. James Patrick Kelly has an extensive column on POD, and Paul Di Filippo has the book column this month.

I thought the very best piece in this issue was Nancy Kress' novella "Act One." It explores human gene mod and how it may affect us, particularly since the results aren't guaranteed. (Remind you of Beggars in Spain?)

Harry Turtledove's novelette "Getting Real" was very close to really good, but he didn't quite have the right sarcastic edge. We've had to give land to China to pay our debts and now they've developed technology that drops avatars in front of our people and gives them access to a Real fantasy life. China would like more.

The short-short "Whatness" by Benjamin Crowell was hilarious.
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