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Long Day

I got groceries today and then settled into more BFAC webwork. It's finally at the point where the other board members can test it. In between, I've been washing cat blankies, cleaning up the kitchen, gathering dinner, and so forth.

Dinner turned out to be difficult to get at the Giant. They've been having these Meal Deals where when you buy a rotisserie chicken at the regular price, $6.99, you also get a bag of salad, a pound of potato or macaroni salad, and a 2-liter bottle of soda free. Well, I don't like soda, and I didn't remember until I got home that I could keep it for bookgroup next month. So I figured getting the Meal Deal wouldn't be a problem, but it is. If you don't get all the stuff, the computer doesn't know how to give you the stuff you did get free. So a manager came over and punched in an electronic coupon for PowerAde, which is apparently close enough to the savings.

Anyway, most of the chicken went into the freezer for other meals.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow, now forecasting at least an inch, then ice, then rain Wednesday morning. It's no big deal to delay the liver labs, but I forgot that my check might come tomorrow or Wednesday. So I hope the rain gets rid of the snow quickly!

And that means that I can catch up on LJ and ML tomorrow, since it's rather late tonight.
Tags: bfac, errands, food, weather
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