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The Best of James H. Schmitz edited by Mark L. Olson with essay by Janet Kagan

There's a nice bibliography at the end, too. Schmitz has been dead long enough that I was just eager to read this book, but when it started with an essay on him and his stories by Janet Kagen, my heart dropped in memory of her.

This contains:

* Just Curious • (1968) • shortstory by James H. Schmitz
* The Custodians • (1968) • novelette by James H. Schmitz
* Goblin Night • (1965) • novelette by James H. Schmitz
* The Second Night of Summer • (1950) • novelette by James H. Schmitz
* Balanced Ecology • (1965) • shortstory by James H. Schmitz
* Novice • [Telzey Amberdon] • (1962) • novelette by James H. Schmitz
* Lion Loose • (1961) • novella by James H. Schmitz
* Sour Note on Palayata • (1956) • novelette by James H. Schmitz
* Grandpa • (1955) • novelette by James H. Schmitz
* Mischief in the Spaceways • essay by Janet Kagan
* Bibliography of James H. Schmitz • essay by Mark L. Olson

And yes, I grabbed those from instead of typing them in, and it's not the order in the book.

These are really excellent stories. Two are Telzey stories and some are Hub stories (Olson has a graph in the bibliography that shows which of all of Schmitz's stories are in which subsets or contain which repeating characters) and they're all good. It's hard to believe they were written so long ago because there's nothing dated in them. In fact, "Sour Note on Palayata" foresees some current tech with "the communication device she wore as an earring." It's dense writing and every bit of it is necessary. Highly recommended
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