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The Jacket

This turned out to be substantially different from the Netflix pocket summary, and it was better than that summary.

Jack has been killed once, in the Persian Gulf war, and brought back to life. But his head injury gives him memory problems and difficulty in telling real from imagined. We see him helping a woman and young girl and then hitchhiking. He gets picked up by a guy who is pulled over by a police officer -- the guy kills the officer, and since the officer shot Jack, the guy leaves the clean gun there and takes the car. Jack is judged criminally insane and sent to a horrible old prison. The main doctor there tries an outlawed procedure on him -- putting him in a strait jacket and stuffing him into a morgue drawer for long periods.

But every time Jack is in the drawer, he travels to the future and meets the young girl, Jackie, as an adult. He convinces her that he's really the guy she met, and who dies in four days of his real time, and over several drawer-periods, they figure out what happened and how to fix things.

The big question, of course, is if he's actually doing all this, or if it's just episodes in his mind while he's in the drawer. And beyond that, his name is Jack and the girl is Jackie -- they have similar looks -- did he make the woman and girl up? Did he really kill the officer? What combination of this is true; or if it's not true to me, is it sufficient that it's true to him?

Fascinating movie, highly recommended.
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