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Kitties are Warm

And walking down to the bedroom to pet them makes me warmer, too. I bought a sweater some years ago that was a size too big, so now two sizes too big, and I'm accustomed to wearing it at night over whatever I wore the rest of the day, but now I'm getting cold even with it on, so a little trek down the hall warms me up.

I took the trash and recycling out today, had fried lunch at Captain D's, then got gas ($1.70/gallon!), dropped a DVD off at the post office drive-by box, and then went to Kaiser to pick up the depakote. I had to wait longer than they said, and of all the things I forgot to take out with me today, I forgot one of the old papers to take up the time. They would dispose of the Lyrica for me, but not refund the money into my Medicare Plan D account, so that pill cost me $420.90. Ouch. The depakote is generic, but not as cheap as most generics, so I'll still have to watch it. I'm staying home tomorrow to take the first one.

I'm still working on the BFAC webstuff. The person who usually does it and would much prefer to do it but doesn't have time, has a program that automates a lot of it and I'm doing it by hand, so it's taking me longer. I'm about half-done with the immediate work.
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