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More Medical Updates and the Retrieval of the Glitter Poms

I set the VCR to watch the inauguration and the parade and am just now seeing the Obamas coming out toward the podium. The TV is estimating about two million people on the Mall and connected green bits.

Just as I was leaving for PT, I got a call from the neurologist's assistant and apparently they had gotten "dizziness" from Advice and not that I'd been told to stop the Lyrica. They said the neuro said to cut it down to two a day and I said "I only took one and almost fell down!" So they went to talk to her and I started driving to the other end of the county. As I was almost to PT, the phone went off and I called back from the Kaiser parking lot and got a temporary message. I went up and checked in and called again and found out that the neuro has now ordered depakote, which (great sounds of joy!) is generic. It has a tendency to kill livers, so I have lots of liver labs scheduled. I'll pick it up tomorrow and start Thursday and stay home, just in case. I'm going to take the Lyrica and plead genteely to have them take it back so it won't leave $390.90 on my trek to the Medicare Plan D donut hole.

I demonstrated my science ability by showing the therapist that the recumbent bike machine would read my heart rate after I wiped my hands on a wet-nap thingie. My hands just don't have enough moisture on the surface to make an electrical connection. I'd figured that out on the way home last time. We did a number of the exercises to see how well I was doing (and a couple of the left are still just about impossible), and then she took me to a set of bars with a small trampoline between them. I thought I was just going to get up on the tramp without falling or grabbing the bars too often, but she wanted to play catch with a light ball. I was pretty good when she aimed at me, but when she went to the side, I frequently caught it, but also had to grab the bar. She's going home to India for a month, and she wants one or two more appointments, so when I got home I emailed the rheumatologist, explained, and asked for another referral.

When I got home and took my shoes and jewelry off, I checked for the red glitter pom ball because it was at the bottom of the bed last night and I didn't see it this morning. This led me to see that there's a small arc in the bottom of the wood at the end of the bed. Not enough for cats to get into, but enough to stuff small flexible balls into. So I got a chair and the reacher and pulled out the drawer and voila! Shiva jumped in! Well, and the pink and red small poms plus the medium light-orange pom were inside! I got them out with the reacher, which scared Shiva out, too. I wasn't prepared to block that from the inside (I'm not sure I can -- I may need someone who can lie on the floor), so I put the drawer back in and Spirit played with all the balls until she climbed up to sleep with Shiva on the chair in the dining room.

Hmmm, lots of Congresscritters between the female Obamas and the male Obama.

Diane Feinstein: "This is the moment when the steps of the Lincoln Memorial finally meet the steps of the White House."
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