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No Snow!

We were supposed to have a half-inch starting at noon, but there wasn't any when I got up (and still isn't) so I went and got groceries.

I'm working on more BFAC webstuff and a while ago, Spirit came out from the kitchen and meowed. I told her Shiva was on the bed and she headed down the hall. She came back and checked the chair, the couch, the recliner, even the castle, and then meowed again. I said "I told you he was on the bed, come on" and led her down to the bedroom. She stood up and looked, but didn't see him and meowed, so I told her to go ahead and get up. She did, and then saw his black bulk near the bottom of the bed. She's getting pretty good at understanding words, which is good, since she's going blind.

Note that the FDA is telling folks not to eat things that have peanut butter in them (peanut butter crackers, ice cream with peanut butter, etc.) and not to eat institutional brands of peanut butter. Brand name peanut butter should be okay.
Tags: cats, food, weather

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