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Quiet Sunday

The chairs at the Chinese place last night were designed for shorter meals than ours and I had some trouble standing up, so by the time I finished online last night, I could barely walk. I stayed up later in the recliner to make my muscles relax and then got up late.

I had two of Spirit's glitter poms in my drawer, two out for her to play with, and two hidden-in-sight, or so I thought. When I got up, the red and blue balls were on the bottom of the bed and the red one had been hidden in the base of the computer monitor. So she's getting pretty good at finding them. The green is still hidden behind books in my bookcase headboard and I haven't seen the pink in a couple days, even though I've done some looking. I have no idea where the original light-orange one is!

I'm doing the traditional Sunday bed linen washing.
Tags: cats, health, household

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