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Marilee J. Layman

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04:13 pm: Word Wars
This is the first time I've read the paper while watching a DVD.

The movie chronicles four Scrabble players who are near the top in national rankings during the six months before the national tournament and then the tournament itself. I found the documentary Spellbound fascinating and it's about something similar. The problems I had with this movie: 1) the voiceover, text on screen, etc., is very patronizing. They assume you don't know words like "estuary" and "bedsore," b) the four players are what general society would call "losers" -- being a fan, I'm sensitive to this, but this is entirely different -- and weren't very interesting, and iii) there was no tension. I didn't care who won the tournament.

Only recommended if you want to play Scrabble professionally.

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