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Completely New Diagnosis

Oh, I still have Late Effect of Stroke, but according to the new neurologist, I'm not having brain seizures. She says for those and for TIAs, the same thing happens all the time. I have some events happen more often than others, but I have different events. She thinks it's migraines without headaches. I did have migraines 30 years ago, for the two years that I was at a job, and people with strokes are prone to migraines. So I'm starting Lyrica (tomorrow, since the pharmacy was closed when we were done) and decreasing the phenobarb one pill a week until it's gone. I'm to call/email her in three to four weeks to let her know what's happening.

Lyrica was the only potential med that doesn't/minorly interact(s) with my other meds or conditions. It's a brand name so I hope it's not too expensive. My copay isn't bad, but Medicare counts up all the costs -- what I pay and what Kaiser pays -- and if I get to $2700 this year, I'm back in the donut hole. I'd already planned to only continue Restasis through February because it's $200 total a month. I figured I'd have it five months a year (takes a month to work), over the winter, because my eyes don't hurt as much when there's more moisture in the air. Plus I can take OTC drops then.
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