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Whew! and Dream

Having gotten rid of the big chairs, today was the day to get rid of the giant cardboard box they came in. Getting it out of the condo wasn't a big problem, but I had trouble getting it into the van. The end flaps kept getting caught on the middle row head supports or on the roof. I can't open the side door just by pulling -- it only gets used a couple times a year and it sticks -- I have to pull a few times and then drive a couple of blocks and the side door will rattle loose. In this case, I drove around the circle a couple of times, and then repositioned the box. I got to the public works cardboard recycling dumpster and it had folded in such a way that I couldn't get it in the slit at the top of the box. I tried opening the side door, but it was too big to go in that way, too. I finally took my Swiss Army Knife and sliced two corners, diagonally from each other, and had two flat folded pieces. Those both went in to the top slit. Then I had to sit on the step bumper and wait until my heart rate came down.

I brought the birdfeeder in today, but I need to put dishes in the dishwasher and move things away from the sink before I clean it.

Tiger, a neighbor's cat, tried to come in the house with me again today and it was hard to keep him out because Penney's put the slippers in a giant box and UPS left it on my upper ramp. Tiger gets plenty of food, he's a big guy, but I don't think anybody pets him regularly or lets him sit on their lap.

I think I've been watching too much "Designing Women" (Nick@Nite) and reading too much Girl Genius because last night I dreamed I was a revenger with Jean Smart at my side and white ninja kitties as support. We had guns that whipped triangular flechettes out. We won.
Tags: dreams

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