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Rory O'Shea Was Here

I'd planned to watch a different DVD on Saturday, but it had too many scratches for the player to recognize it so I watched this.

This takes place in England and Rory is a teenager with Duchennes muscular distrophy. He can talk and move two fingers. He's come to a home for disabled folk after being kicked out of other homes for disabled folk. He was kicked out because he likes loud music, doesn't like everybody singing "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands" and wants his hair in spikes. It looks like things won't be much better here until it turns out he can understand Mike, who has cerebral palsy. Rory had been in school with kids who spoke similarly and was able to translate for Mike and lo! Mike now has a life.

Rory tries to get the council to let him have independent living, but they think he's too irresponsible (and he does show himself such in the movie), but then Mike applies, with Rory to be his servant/interpreter, and he's also turned down. Well, it turns out Mike's dad is a big deal who hasn't seen him since his CP became evident, and they essentially blackmailed him into giving them an accessible apartment with a transport-lift for Rory's bed and an assistant.

The story is about how hard it is to live like that, and how good it is, too. Rory acts as if he's in charge, but it's Mike who is, and they both have an interest in their assistant.

When I got this DVD and read the summary, I put it off because I kept being reminded of how the discharge nurse told me near the end of the second renal failure that they were looking for a nursing home for me -- one with people my age. That's why I tried so hard to learn to walk again, which nobody thought I could do, and I wasn't sure I wanted to watch a movie about that kind of nursing home. But I ended up liking it quite a bit. The guys got out of the nursing home, too, and while they would have been safer and had better care there, they were out on their own.

I recommend this, and if you watch it, also watch the alternate ending.
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