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Swapped Hankies for Kleenex

Well, the Giant brand version of Kleenex. I'm blowing my nose enough I can't risk re-infection. So now I get to move a box of tissues and a bag of dead tissues with me from desk to recliner to bed.

It was raining by the time I got up, and there's no indication of snow, so I won't know until the news comes on if we had any.

Shiva was very cuddly again last night and his eye looks fine today. However, there came a point I needed to turn over and he was very mad at me. He got up on the pillow and MEOWED in my ear. I finally gave him an assist off the bed.

I'm doing laundry for most of the day, and because of a mention on Susan's blog, I'm going to listen to my Simon & Garfunkel collection.
Tags: cats, health, household, weather

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