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Marilee J. Layman

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06:24 pm: And a Cold
Yes, I woke up with a runny nose, sneezing constantly, swollen lymph nodes, and aberrant speech. This is really not fair. I'm going to take a nap when I finish reviewing the DVD.

I took the DVD to the post office today and in the mail on the way back in was the box from Mouse Factory Toys. Spirit has already started in on disembowelling the new Mr. Gator, and she's put three of the six pom balls under the couch. She is seeing them better because I asked for bright colors. The one we had (that I can't find now) was pale orange and even I couldn't see it against the laminate without my glasses.

The teenage girl I mentioned yesterday was found dead today, at the other end of the county. The county police think it's almost certainly an abduction and murder. It's hard to protect people who are incompetent and still give them any freedom. I hope we work out a better way to deal with it.

The WashPost thinks we're getting snow tomorrow; the local NBC station thinks it's rain. We'll see.

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