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Doing More Than I Should

I took the trash and recycling out today -- quite a bit of cardboard recycling -- and then went into the Giant without a cart because I was just getting two Fish Oil bottles (they only had one on Monday, and they have them on BOGOF plus I had a coupon) and I almost fell by the time I got to the cashier. So. When you have the flu, the trash and recycling can wait, and I should use the cart as a walker even when I get just one thing.

I came home and read email and took care of bills and then napped in the recliner from 6:30pm to 3:20am, which is when Shiva woke me up because he disapproved of the condition of the litterbox.

I have an appointment at 3pm today with the psych and a second opinion with a neuro tomorrow at 5pm so I think I'm not going to do much else those days, even though I need to work on the BFAC website and put this year's challenge pictures up.

I think I probably can't stay awake long enough to sleep after the appointment, but I'm going to stay up a bit more and see.
Tags: errands, health, sleep

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