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The mailguy was several stops ahead of ours when I went out, so I checked back before I went to the DMV and there it was! I got money for the week, took Red Dwarf (review after bookgroup; mini-review: smeg) back to the library, dropped a DVD off at the drive-by box in the post office parking lot (almost got hit head-on by a taxi coming into the parking lot from the exit at high speed), checked by the mail and then got groceries. I parked next to one of my neighbors and when I was resting at the pharmacy, I saw her go by and called her over and we talked a bit.

Giant had boneless chicken breasts for $1.69 if you bought more than three pounds, so I did that instead of buying a whole chicken and got just 3.19 pounds. I like dark meat better, but this will actually go farther and is less trouble. I got broccoli and green beans to be cooked this week, I hope, plus some farfalle and rotini, none of which have been on my normal grocery list.

I hurt a lot today and had to get out of the shower at one point because I hurt enough I was nauseated. I rested on the bed and then went back in. A while after I got home, I was so hot that I took my temp and it's 100.2F so I suppose I may have something more than a dry cough.

Oh, and I finally took pictures of the paua shell Soon and Fern sent! I'm a lousy photographer, but here's the front and the back. Or maybe inside and outside. Isn't it beauteous?
Tags: errands, food, gift, health

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