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The Nomi Song

For a biographic movie that starts and ends with It Came From Outer Space, this was a sad little movie. I was an adult during the time Klaus Nomi was apparently a big hit, but I never heard of him. He came to NYC from Germany and essentially came out as a flamboyant gay on stage. The folks talking about him seem to almost entirely skip the fact that he was gay and go on about how different he was and how theatrical. They never even say "AIDS" when they talk about him dying at 39. Kind of a weird movie to leave out that heart of who he was. I felt like they were trying to whitewash him, and I can't tell if that was meant. It would have been much more interesting if they'd spent more time talking about him being gay and how that informed his theatricality, instead of one guy literally turning his head when he talks about Nomi having sex on the street and another guy saying Nomi had wanted him to be his boyfriend as the only mention of his sexual orientation.

I don't even know how to recommend this.
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