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Meds Yes, Hangtag No

Although I think I'll still do 20mg of the lisinopril tomorrow so they come out even (Kaiser doesn't carry 30mg so I take 1.5 pills a day). And I did find out what was taking so long. Kaiser was changing to another generic brand; I got an inside bag that says "Important Medication Change" and inside it, with the meds, is a note saying they may look or taste or whatever different. The bottle has the same sticker on it. My BP actually has been fine on the 20mg, so maybe I should email the nephrologist and see if she wants to drop it.

I made way too much rice in the rice cooker, so have enough for another meal in the fridge, and stir-fryed some of the pork plus mushrooms, onions, garlic, and red bell pepper slices. I'll have to see about getting some broccoli and green beans next week.

Shiva is driving me nuts because he wants something. I don't know what it is. He saw me put the dry food in the dish and he licked the oil off my plate. I wish I knew. I don't know where the ball is, either, and I suppose that may not be a coincidence. I've looked under everything out here, I suppose I should start looking in the crooks of the bedroom closet. ETA: It was in the folds of a long dress in the closet. You'd think they'd remember where they stash things! Mouse Factory Toys are making me a new Mr. Gator plus sending some more of the glitter pom balls.

I'm doing laundry and since there's only football, no news, on the channel where I like to watch news, it's a very musical night.
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