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When I put this movie on the queueueue, I didn't realize it was a spoof. Unfortunately, it's not a very good spoof. Four high school girls score highly on a secret test in the SAT and become DEBS (Discipline, Energy, Beauty, Strength), secret all-capable spies. It's supposed to be a take-off on something like Charlie's Angels, and I could see those points, they just weren't sharp enough. The whole thing was a little soft. They threw in some exceedingly minor lesbian action to spice it up and it was like putting old basil in your stew. So while it was fine for having on while I beaded, I wouldn't recommend it.

There was an actor in it that I thought I'd seen before, so I used imdb to get to his page and he was born in Hackettsville, NJ, where I consulted for M&M/Mars, but he would have been eight when I was there, so that wasn't it. But when I looked down his list of TV eps, he'd been in a lot of shows I watch, so it must have just been the accumulation that made me recognize him.
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