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Media - Serious, Funny, and Weird

I'm still reading old WashPosts and in one of last night's, I found that Medicare has, as of 10/1/08, defined some "never events" that they won't pay hospitals for because they shouldn't happen. Some of the things on the list make a lot of sense -- serious bedsores when the patient didn't have any when they came in, for example -- and some are going to be hard to enforce -- suicide, for example -- while any of them may cause billing problems. Legally, once a hospital has the Medicare payment and a Medigap payment, if there is one, they can't bill the patient. But since they can't bill Medicare at all on these events, they may try billing patients. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Today's WashPost had the traditional In/Out List, but instead of being done seriously by a regular Style writer, it was done humorously by Hank Stuever, who is a really funny guy. I kept laughing as I read down.

And for the weird, watch this video. Warning, not for weak stomachs.
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